Prasówka (WordPress): październik 2012

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Hurtowa porcja lekturki z zestawieniami, poradnikami, artykułami, materiałami wideo etc. w temacie wszechobecnego WordPressa, czyli prasówka z odesłaniami do wybranych treści jakie ukazały się w październiku.



20 Top Free Responsive WordPress Themes

If my recent post on responsive design has shown me anything, it is that the responsive design debate is well and truly alive. Although one would struggle to argue that responsive design isn’t the future, that is not to say that all sites must be responsive.



10 Elegant AJAXED WordPress Themes

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) is a valuable tool becoming more and more popular within web design. Its effective, exciting for users, and works well with responsive designs. The purpose of Ajax is to allow a web page to update without having to reload the page which speeds up your website and the browsing process for your visitors.



Wysija – Automatically Send Newsletters from WordPress

Wysija is a newsletter program that will let you send out newsletters from your WordPress admin. Wysija is easy to use and allows you to design your newsletter with a drag-and-drop interface. Once it’s been set up, Wysija is a perfect solution for automatically sending your new posts to



Quick Tip: How To Use Gestures To Navigate WordPress Posts

Today, we will go through how to setup using gestures to navigate through your WordPress posts. It’s really simple, so let’s dive in! Introduction As we are moving forward in responsive website design and the number of users visiting websites on mobile devices is increasing, it’s a good thing if we can make our website work with amazing technologies such as gestures.





Choose the Right WordPress Backup Option

Backing up a WordPress site is more than installing and activating a backup plugin. In fact, if that is all you are doing, you may be in for a world of trouble. Backing up a WordPress site needs to cover two areas: There are some options that do both and other options that do one or the other.



How To: Automatically Import Tweets to WordPress in a Category

If you would like to import tweets into your WordPress site and save them as posts, I found a new free plugin yesterday called Twitter2Posts which will do exactly that.



Using the Drupal Aggregator Module

Aggregator is a key part of Drupal that is often ignored. I blame it on the confusing name. No, Aggregator is not an animal in Florida that eats people. Aggregator is a module that imports content from RSS feeds into Drupal.



Backup Your Blog to the Cloud with These WordPress Plugins

Have you ever had a serious issue with your blog that prevented you from accessing it? I have and it’s a truly horrifying feeling. Even worse, has your blog been hacked or „broken” when you did not have a backup plugin installed? Then you realized that you had lost everything and had to start all over.



The Best WordPress Plugins for Watermarking Images on Your Blog

If you’re a graphic designer, Web designer, photographer or just like to take and use your own photos on your blog, you know how valuable these images are. There’s nothing like having your image stolen and used on another website or blog without your permission.



A Complete Guide to WordPress SEO by Yoast [Part I]

As you can see, there are also a few additional options. You will want meta robots to noindex any taxonomy pages that have no relevant use on your site. For instance, you might not use tags (or you might not want them to be indexed).



How to Build a ‚Coming Soon’ Page for Your WordPress Blog (for Free)

Back in the 1990s, ‚Under Construction’ pages were the the bane of many a web surfer. For those of a certain age and experience, memories of the now-defunct GeoCities abound. But these days, the ‚alpha’ period of a website’s development offers a huge opportunity to give your launch a kickstart.

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